Ben Milam Whiskey Honors a Texas Revolutionary

“The Blanco-based distillery is known for its award-winning bourbons”

Ben Milam Whiskey Building Women Lead Dream Team… 

“In 2018 Marsha Milam, founder of Ben Milam Whiskey Distillery in Blanco, Texas hired former Jim Beam distiller Marlene Holmes. Now, Milam has announced the hiring of world-renowned whiskey expert and author Heather Greene as the distilleries new Chief Executive Officer. Greene is the author of Whiskey Distilled: A Populist Guide to the Water of Life.”

Texas’ Ben Milam Whiskey Hires Whiskey Author Heather Greene As CEO

“Texas whiskey distiller Ben Milam Whiskey has been hard at work over the last year attracting some strong named talent to run their shop.”

World-renowned whiskey expert joins small Texas distillery in CEO role

Ben Milam Whiskey founder Marsha Milam has assembled what might well be the most all-star team of whiskey experts in Texas to take her small Blanco distillery to a national level.

Ben Milam Whiskey names Heather Greene CEO

With Greene at the helm, Ben Milam Whiskey aims to expand its portfolio with the release of a new line of premium whiskeys this summer, called Milam and Greene.

Sultry Tips: 10 Best Camping Whiskeys

“When it comes to some of the best whiskey, Ben Milam distillery from Blanco, Texas has won double gold for their bourbon two years in a row.”

Jim Beam Distiller Joins Texas Distillery

“I’m very proud of Marlene, and I’m thrilled she’s chosen to join Ben Milam,” said Milam. “I have tremendous confidence in our product and I know she will contribute greatly to the quality of our whiskey.”

Jim Beam Distiller Marlene Holmes Goes Craft Spirits Route With Move To Ben Milam Whiskey Distillery

“When I met the team, I was quickly drawn to their passion and determination to make a really good product,” said Holmes “I’ve been in the business for over 27 years, and this is the best whiskey I’ve ever put in my mouth.”

“A Career Change? I’ll Drink To That!”

Ms. Milam said a young woman approached her at a recent tasting. “She said, ‘I think for women, drinking whiskey is the last frontier of equality,’” Ms. Milam said. “And I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I love you.’”

Marsha Milam Is Changing The Whiskey Game.

“Whether she’s promoting a new musical group or founding a whiskey distillery, Marsha Milam has never been one to sit on the sidelines.”

FoodieFriday: Blanco’s Milam Distillery

“Marsha Milam was raised by an oilman who also owned liquor stores, who early on taught his daughter that liquor was a solid business choice, with stable demand in good times and bad.”

Craft Brewing And Distilling News For July 11, 2018

“Texas-based Ben Milam Whiskey has named Marlene Holmes as head distiller. Holmes, formerly of Jim Beam, joins Ben Milam with nearly 30 years of experience in the industry.”

Ben Milam Whiskey Team Expands With Veteran Distiller

“She joined the team just last month after retiring from Jim Beam, and while she was looking to continue her career in the bourbon business, she never imagined calling Texas home.”