Milam & Greene was created by founder Marsha Milam, whiskey expert and Master Blender Heather Greene, Kentucky veteran Master Distiller Marlene Holmes and Chief Brewer Jordan Osborne. Our charming distillery sits in the lush, Texas Hill Country where the hot summers, mild winters, and wild temperature variances add spark and personality to our spirit. To achieve excellence, we bring in grains, yeast, barrels and experience from all across America to create our award-winning whiskies.


Milam & Greene has truly shaken up the industry by harnessing a deep passion for whiskey and bringing so many different skills to the whiskey table. We’re the only independently owned and operated company in America that openly embraces a multitude of traditional and innovative ways to make a stunning spirit under one label.

  • Our whiskey dream team embodies over 60 years of experience – more than any other craft whiskey company.  
  • We use our own proprietary yeast recipe to yield beautiful aromas.
  • We distill on a 300-gallon copper pot still in the heart of Texas Hill Country AND on classic column stills in Bardstown, Kentucky – each produces different notes and character.
  • We age and batch vintage whiskies from various states together with our own characterful distillate to create unique and gorgeous flavors.
  • We source bourbon barrel gems for our limited, sought after “Single Barrel” range.
  • We mature and finish in multiple barrel types in Blanco, where the unique Texas terroir enables us to play with timing and tastes.
  • We release coveted small batch “grain to glass” whiskey and yearly limited editions.
  • We blind proof, hand bottle, and label each whiskey with tremendous care and heart.

Marsha Milam

Entrepreneur, Partner

Texas entrepreneur Marsha Milam brought her passion for building successful ventures such as the Austin film-festival and “KGSR’s Unplugged at the Grove” to Provision Spirits after breathing in a quiet moment inside a Kentucky warehouse. “All that quiet, the beauty, and the irreverence of whiskey spoke to me. It sits in that barrel and does exactly what it wants to do. You can’t rush it.”

Over the past three years, the Ben Milam’s Whiskey range has gone on to win the Double Gold award at the San Francisco World Spirits competition both in 2017 and 2018. With the launch of the Milam & Greene Whiskey range in Autumn 2019, she carried out her plans for expansion to a second product line created by what she calls the “Whiskey Dream Team.”

Marsha currently sits on the boards of The Austin Film Festival, the Clifford Antone Foundation, the HOPE Outdoor Gallery and H.O.M.E which provides housing assistance to aging musicians.

Heather Greene

CEO, Partner, master blender

World-renowned whiskey expert, author and master blender, Heather Greene, leads the Provision Spirits business with direct oversight of product development, including blending her namesake, Milam & Greene Whiskey. She joined the team as a blending and marketing consultant in 2018 and quickly transitioned to the role of CEO in 2019. She has quickly gained recognition as an innovative CEO in the Whiskey industry and selected as one of Imbibe Magazine’s 75 People to Watch in 2020. After spending years on the road working and writing for distilleries, Heather decided to “pack it up” and throw her experience behind Provision Spirits in Blanco, Texas after falling in love with their passion, synergistic love of music (Heather is also a musician), and whiskey-making skills.

Before joining the company, Greene was the first woman to serve on the Scotch Malt Whisky Society tasting panel in Edinburgh, Scotland, served as an award-winning Scotch whisky ambassador, and is a current judge on prestigious tasting panels such as the American Craft Spirits Association and the ISCW in London, as well as the author of New York Times shortlisted Whiskey Distilled, A Populist Guide to the Water of Life. Greene was recently inducted into the inaugural class of the Order of the Writ. She has written about whiskey for publications such as Eater and CNBC. She appeared nationally on media outlets such as CBS This Morning, Bloomberg News, Fox, The Food Network, and MSNBC.


Marlene Holmes

Master Distiller

Kentucky native, Marlene Holmes, joined Provision Spirits in 2018, to help create and launch Milam & Greene. In her role as master distiller, Marlene oversees the distilling, aging, blending, batching, proofing, sourcing, finishing, and bottling of award-winning whiskies sold under the Milam & Greene Whiskey brand.

Marlene is a stickler for perfection and takes a meticulous, creative and hands-on approach to ensure the production of top-quality whiskies. Under her direction, the Milam & Greene Whiskey team distills using a 300-gallon copper pot still in Blanco, Texas as well as in continuous stills in Holmes’ home state of Kentucky. The team travels to Bardstown, Kentucky to distill using its own mash bill, yeast recipe, and distillation processes. The whiskey is matured in both Kentucky and Texas.

Marlene started her career in whiskey in 1990 with Jim Beam in Kentucky. During her time with this classic bourbon brand, she honed her craft and learned the ins and outs of the whiskey business–from distillery operator to whiskey cutter–all while producing more than 1,400 barrels a day. After 27 years, she was ready for a change of pace and considered retiring, but instead started a new chapter in her distinguished distilling career at Provision Spirits.

Jordan Osborne

Chief Brewer

Born and raised near Houston, Jordan is a Navy veteran who draws on his background as a beer brewer to create the mash for what becomes our distinctive, high-quality whiskies. Jordan is excited to help create some of the finest whiskey in Texas.

Previously Jordan pursued a career in the art and science of brewing in Durango, Colorado. Within a year of joining an award-winning brewery, he had risen from a member of the production crew to lead brewer. “My passion for brewing and distilling comes from the creative yet systematic processes involved. It’s an exciting and rewarding experience turning raw materials and ingredients into a product that brings people together,” he explains.