American Whiskey is a heritage drink, brought to America by European dreamers who sought a better life for themselves when they settled along the East Coast as early as the 1600s. Over the course of 500 years of American history, American producers of the two most popular styles – bourbon and rye – have refined the flavors into something sublime, and beautiful.

And yet. 

There is a layer of mystery over whiskey, making it hard for people to really know  what constitutes a great brand. The constant barrage of marketing, the myriad of choices available, and the confusion over what actually constitutes whiskey legitimacy make it hard to choose a good bottle. Add to that the magical ways chemistry, environment and people interact with the spirit, and the murkiness deepens. We get it. As an experienced whiskey team hailing from all over the USA and having previously worked at other whiskey companies – we know this can be hard.

As part of our commitment to our authenticity and passion, we’ll open our doors and send our expert whiskey team on the road to share things no other whiskey company does: we’ll bring our competitors along with us as we guide you through tastings.

We include our brand in all our educational tastings through the lab, but we’re as “unbranded” as you’ll get from anyone.  We’ll invite you to blend new batches with us, taste barrels as they age in our warehouse and help you understand the effects of maturation on spirit.

You’ll leave our classes understanding the difference between contracted, sourced and grain-to-glass whiskeys, the history of whiskey, and world whiskeys such as Japanese, Scotch and Irish. By narrowing in on your innate human ability to smell and taste, we’ll teach you techniques our lab director learned while working with some of the top scientists and whiskey makers in the world. Understanding aromatics has lots of benefits, the least of which is that it will help you learn how to make a killer cocktail.

We’ll share with you everything we know about whiskey and open the discourse between you and ourselves to deepen your knowledge. Whiskey doesn’t have some sort of endpoint, to us it’s always been an adventure and a journey – and now we invite you in for the ride.

Our lab program is led by Heather Greene, award-winning world spirits expert, Author and spirits judge. She is also the blender at Ben Milam Whiskey, overseeing the casks with her colleagues Marlene Holmes, master distiller and Jordan Osborne, head brewer.

When not on the road, our team works in Hill Country Texas, where the stags, streams, and solitude allow them to experiment and study whiskey.