Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Two to six barrels are commingled and then bottled at cask strength to offer whiskey aficionados an opportunity to proof to their own liking. After all, whiskey is dynamic, and as such the team encourages Barrel Proof fans to play with water and ice to find the perfect measurement of water for individual palates. Different measures of water or ice will influence the character of the whiskey by silencing some aromatics and allowing others to pop. Each batch is unique and can be identified by the batch number on the label.

BATCH NO. 17-01:

No. of Barrels: 3
Proof: 114.6
No. of Bottles: 474
Bottled on: 11/10/2017 


A nose of toffee, candied nuts, oak, baking spices; tastes of fig, molasses, corn; finishes long, smooth, and creamy.